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Remy Ma & I (REVISED)

On Sunday, April 8, 2018 I was BLESSED w/ the opportunity of a lifetime! I was asked by radio personality "Kendra G" of the WGCI morning show "The Take Over" to join her Black Girl Magic Panel at the Black Women’s Expo in Chicago. When she told me that Remy Ma would be the guest celebrity, I cried!

When Kendra G made the request, in that moment, I was being stopped by the police. I was going down the wrong street, but it was obvious I was on the right path with this phone call. I was so happy to get a traffic ticket that even the police officer thought I was crazy. However, what the officer didn’t know was that I was fan of Remy Ma's since 1998. I've always LOVED Remy and my dream was coming true even if I was being given a ticket at the same damn time.

When she battled rapper Lady Luck, I was rooting for Remy! When she released her album "Conceited" I went to music land to buy it! I cried when she was convicted, and I cried happy tears when she was released! Remy Ma has inspired me in many ways-OKKKKKKKKK! I’m not going to go on and on about it, but I know anyone with a dream can feel me.

Kendra G thought it would be SUPER DOPEEEEEE if I brought Remy Ma out and I DID THAT!!!!!! I knew all her Stats!!! I was just being me and enjoying the moment! This was the first time, in a LONG time, that I just really fell in love with the moment I was in! I felt great, I looked even better, because you know MELAH STYLES, styles Melah!!!!

I only had a week to come up with a fashion concept and I killed it! However, before I get into my LOOK of the DAY, let me finish telling you about this "Black Girl Magic Panel"!Kendra G was the moderator and she asked Remy questions , then she asked me! It was a room full of beautiful women, and I was sitting RIGHT next to one of my favorite rappers!!! I was staring at her LIKEEEEEEEEE WOW I AM HERE.

In fact, I am getting teary eyed just typing this!


My Moment w/ Remy Ma

When I walked into the room she was so inviting!!! We took 4 pictures and I gifted her with a "Prayin & Grindin" & "Stack Coins" tee - #PlugOnMyWebsiteOnMyBlog.

In 20 seconds, I told her about my T-shirt Line and some tears fell but she hugged me! We took the elevator together (YASSSSSSS) when she spoke to media, she mentioned my name to the blogs, she gave me a shout out on stage, we took a few more pics, and NOW she follows me on Instagram.

Remy didn't have to any of of these things. Remy was who I thought she was- My Gemini twin! Remy also put footage of me in her promo video that is currently on her IG!!! Remy is humble, down to earth, funny, and loving!!! She is SUPER Fly and she is tall just like me. Pappose reminded me of my husband, just in the cut chilling, but watching everything as the protector of his beautiful wife.


The Panelists & The Mediator



I am forever grateful and thankful! I know this moment will turn into many more, because I will never give up!

Kendra G, Remy Ma, & Melah Styles


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