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Hunty, What are you Wearing?

Good Tidings to you!!!

Happy Holidays!!! Merry Christmas!!! Happy Hanukkah!!! Happy Kwanzaa!!! Feliz Navidad!!!! Yassssss All Of That!!!

MAKE sure you Feast your Eyes on my Latest Styling Video!


ME: Well ladies, it’s that time of year again!!!

YOU: What Time is that?

ME: Holiday Season!!! You Know when have to attend the holiday party in great #Fashions BUTTTTTT some of y’all show up looking like Christmas Past!!! 😂😂😂

The goal is to Embrace your body and walk in confidence!


With all of the holiday parties and celebrations going on and coming up, I wanted to share 5 Holiday Fashion tips with you! As a Fashion Stylist, I am obligated to make sure that you show up to every Holiday event and celebration looking entirely Sensational and Amazingly Fabulous everywhere you go this holiday season!

Anything else is #DoubleF “Fashion Failure”

Wether you’re going to your company’s Holiday party or out to celebrate New Years please put the “E” for effort and not the “T” for Tried!

“She Tired to fit a stomach in that Red dress!”

You will NOTTTTTT be Santa Claus in a Elf attire! I don’t want you having a “OHHHHH Hunty, What are you Wearing?” moment! NO GOD!!!

If the Struggle is REAL HIRE ME!! I will style You NO matter where you are! Yes I am Chicago Based, but the “www” stands for “World Wide Web” I can Virtual style you! (Details are Below)


ME: I can Relate?

YOU: Relate to what????

ME: Those Days when you just want to chill! When you just to wear your Comfy "Prayin & Grindin” or “Stack Coins” Hoodie and relax, but you can’t b/c you have to go to an event(s) that requires More GLAM than DAMN!


Melah’s 5 Holiday Styling Tips

1. Narrow your looks down! (Pick out 2-4 Outfits)

This will help decide what fashion vibe you want to give. (Sexy, Elegant, Chic, Fun, etc...)

**** Make sure what you select embraces your body is****

2. Play Dress Up! (Try on the clothes, have fun! Speak good things about your body and then Go for it!!)

3. Must Have! (Decent pair of Black Pumps and Purse - Heels at least 2 Different Kinds)

4. Look Back at it! (Look at your whole entire loom in a full length mirror and Make a Choice)

5. Finish Well! (Put on your Favorite Song, take a Full body Pic & a selfie! Speak Highly about yourself to yourself and GO WERK the Room!!)

Thank you, for watching my Fashion video and Reading blog.


Melah Styles


YOU ARE the BOW and the GIFT! You are the Present!!

BE YOU!!!!!


Be the Gift of Good Vibes!!!







GET MELAH STYLED!!!!!!!!!!!!


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