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Hips & Heels


Thanksgiving is OVERRRRR and I want to know how those are HIPS doing? Chileeeee!!!! Did they spread like a forest fire or like Miracle Whip on bread?

Baby when I tell you my HIPS have a mind of their own!!! I need you to believe me!! OKKKK!!

I know I am not the only one who's tried on a pair of jeans or dress and it didn't go pass the hips. YES!!! My body is telling me size 10, but my hips are telling me size 12 or 14! OHHHH and my hips don't lie!!! There's no way these jeans were going to make it to my waist. I mean the dress wasn't going to work because my hips wasn't moving! What a let down! To have a dope pair of jeans or a beautiful dress in your hands, only to put it back on the rack. DAMN HIPS!!

I mean just because you have hips, that doesn't mean your fat! That just means your curves are nothing to play with!!! In today's society women are getting hip implants!! WHATTTTTTTT!!!!! Oh yes!!!!! Older people need hip replacements and younger women are getting hip implants!!! Chileeeee!!!

Here we are trying find jeans and dresses that will fit on our hips, meanwhile other women are getting hip implants!!! #LetThatSinkIn

Just so we are chandelier clear, HIPS are a great accessory!!

What do Hips do: Hips will give you that hourglass shape, so you'll definitely know what time it is! HA!! Hips can fill out a dress in a phenomenal way. Hips can bring a dull skirt to life. Hips can make the cheapest jeans look rich in taste. Oh, Hips will turn a classical into Hip-Hop. Hips are the flame to the fire! #KnowThat

HIP Problems: If the space is narrow then I have to turn sideways! Its hard to sit in certain kinds of chairs, because my hips can't fit. #ThatsAboutIt


Embrace your hips, as a matter of fact embrace your whole entire body. Because it builds your confidence! It took me many years to love my wide hips! My hips are apart of me and these hips look sensationally spectacular in or out clothes!!! #AYEEEEE

Dressing your shape and loving yourself is the first step to positive body image!!! #FACTS

Don't get discouraged because you have hips or the lack there of! Adding a pair of DOPE Heels to your style is all you need, so be secure when you show off those HIPS and ROCK those Heels in confidence!!!

Dress your hips w/ style that fits your body type and love yourself and your HIPS!!!!!


Melah Styles - The Fashion Stylist


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