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From Nah to Yassss

Click on my NEW Fashion Styling video to see how she went from NAH to YASSSS!!!

You'll get to see ME (Melah Styles) in action at the Pink Velvet Boutique (1606 E. 86 Place Chicago IL.)

My client, CeCe Marie Brown of Coffee, Tea, or Tequila recently got a makeover the "Melah Way"!


To see the Before, the Transformation, and the Reveal


As a fashion stylist my primary job is to make sure my clients aren't just satisfied with their looks, but they also understand them. It's BIGGER than selecting items to create an outfit.What good is having a pair of shoes to match your look if you don't know understand blending.

The most rewarding part of being a fashion stylist is seeing my clients reactions. When I pulled the curtains back and I saw CeCe's eyes brighten up. I knew I did a successful job.

I had to make sure CeCe was wearing something she was comfortable in, while stepping out of her comfort zone. I chose clothing that would compliment her shape and embrace her body.

CeCe's look is edgy, soft (just like her), and prefect for the fall season. This beige chiffon crop top, highlights her skin tone, and makes her green eyes pop. You can paired that top with jeans and skirts. The army fatigue cargo pant fits CeCe in all the right places! These cargo pant would also look great w/ a plain white fitted tee or a denim top and red heels.

CeCe said in the video above "I can't walk in these heels!!", so I decide to put her in a 3inch nude suede heel. That way she'd be more comfortable with walking, standing and dancing.



NOTE: I know leggings are super comfy, but some of you have to stop wearing them like jeans! If you are going to wear leggings make sure they have some sort of detail, (leather patches, zippers, etc.) other wise they look like stretch pants from the 1980's!

When wearing leggings be sure to pair them with a shirt (color, print, structure, etc) that'll compliment your body. Unless you are headed to the gym for a yoga class, please don't attend a day party in a cap, leggings and a T-shirt.



CeCe's face shows it all! CeCe was a little apprehensive until she was Melah Styled!




CeCe Marie Brown has been Melah Styled!!!

What do you think of CeCe's new look?






I would love to style you! What event do you have coming up? Is your closet ready for the autumn season? Are you in of need a makeover and not to sure where to start? I am here for here! Let's Shop & Talk style!



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