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As you can see my Roses are Red, My Denim is Blue, Fun & Sexy is what I'm giving you!!!! OK!!! Let's get into this blog!!!

Before you can STANDout, you have to BREAKout! I'm talking a full ESCAPE from that same Ole' style, prints and patterns. There's nothing wrong with updating those "Go to items. Its time to create some NEW favorites. You're the trendsetter of your Life, so what's trending? Are you ready to BREAKout so you can STANDout? If so YELL



S.T.A.N.D "Stood Tall And Never Departed"

What does that mean THO? "Stood Tall And Never Departed" simply means you've remained strong through adversities and hit a home runs when life threw you curve balls. You didn't give up, even though you may have wanted too! Through the raging storms, you've stood your ground and never walked away. You've remained prayerful and faithful. When you've done all you can just STAND!!!

Now lets take that same mind set and apply it to your everyday and weekend style! What would you call your style? "Edgy Rock Star or how about "Matchy Mary".

"Matchy Mary" - Everything has to match, I mean from the Eyeshadow to the finger nail polish. If the shirt is blue, then so is the hair, the pants, the coat, and the shoes.

As a fashionist I with offer suggestions, present visuals, and remain professionally honest so you can be a better of you.

Checkout this Scenario

Me: You can keep on your indigo blue Blouse, but can you try on this nude pencil skirt.

Matchy Mary: OH WOW! I look GOOD! I would've never though to grab a pencil skirt!!

Me: Do you think it looks better than you royal blue pant and the royal blue wig?

Matchy Mary: OH it really does! Before you couldn't see my shape! Now you can see all my curves!!! I'm still me, but a better version.

Me: Great! I am so glad you can see the difference! Do you think you were standing out before when your were matching all the colors together?

Matchy Mary: Not how I wanted to be! Now I will STANDout in my style with more self confidence!

Me: Yesssss Mary you got it!! Its ok to wear solid pieces on top of each other depending on the style and material of the clothing. You can also breakup those pieces with another color, jewelry, or some sort of accessory. You want to end your fashion statement with a period and not a comma because you have so much going on in one look. You have to STANDout in the Clothes and don't let OUTstand you!!!


We will STAND and embrace our shape. We will STANDout with self confidence, because we are beautifully and wonderfully made. We will STANDout in style!

Standing out in style doesn't mean being the nucleus of attention. Hush little baby, your style is speaking! Oh thats the best way to WERK and WORK.

When we are secure within ourselves and we truly know the value of our self worth we can

STAND in our faith and in our style all the more. Oh YASSSS.Thats Exactly what slide show (above) represents for me. "I embrace my shape and the God who created it. I'm going to have fun and STANDout while doing it!!"

When I put this skirt on I thought to myself "Girl!!! you're lookin good! You'd better STANDout in this style!" This skirt is still giving me all types boldness, fearlessness, chicness, and sexiness. OH you're such a vibrant THANG!! Its all about STANDing out in STYLE. I was ready for a date with my handsome husband or a night out with the girls. Either way I was ready!! Can't you tell??? This skirt will do that to ya!

MELAH STYLES ALERT: When you STANDout in your style, not everyone will like it! That doesn't mean they're hating! It could simply mean your STANDout style isn't theirs and vice versa! Its ok to be adventurous, yet chic. Wear unique pieces, but be relatable. Most importantly Be you and STAND. "Stood Tall And Never Depart"


Thank you for Reading, watching, and engaging! Feel free to leave a truthful and encouraging comment!

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*****I hope you enjoyed July's blog please check out the side show! it tells a great story about Standing in your Style!*****

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