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Heyyyyy Hunties!!! I'm giving you "BLOOM in JUNE!!!" The rain has come and gone. The flowers have BLOOMED, but have you? Unless your job requires you to wear Jet Black it's time to hide all those the dark knit sweaters, midnight black boots, and holiday Red dresses.

OH YES! Let's DETOX that closet and bring the brightness in!

How Melah? By adding PASTELS to your wardrobe! Colors such as papaya coral, sea shell peach, beach beige, and ocean blue. These pastels will give you that glow your skin deserves. After a bitter winter and a mild spring it's time to BLOSSOM into summer!!

Of Course floral prints are on trend, however I don't want you looking like a full on florist shop, (LOL) so don't forget to blend solid colors with those floral prints. As a Fashionist, my desire is for you to shine bright, and BLOOM in where you're planted.

YASSSS!!! BLOOM in gorgeousness, but also BLOOM self confidence, ambition, and determination to accomplish your goals.

There's no boundaries in BLOOMING, in fact Who can stop a flower from BLOSSOMING? So don't let anyone stop YOU!!

When fashion and self assurance connect its a championship! As you can see from the slide show above that this particular styles maxi skirt gave me the opportunity to BLOOM with liberty.

You know why? Because I wear the clothes, the clothes will never wear me! BLOOM!

Now ask yourself "Where can I BLOOM in a long, flowing chiffon maxi skirt?" At a brunch, on a yacht, at a day party, on a roof top, on the beach, at dinner, under a tree in a park, on your porch drinking a refreshing beverage, a wedding, at church, etc.

When it comes to BLOOMING there aren't any limits! We have the Freedom to BLOOM without restrictions. Isn't that Great!!!!


You know the grass isn't always greener on the other side, it's green where you nurture it. Don't allow your summer wardrobe to be dehydrated! Lets replenish your style with lively colors, your body with living water, and your spirit with empowerment.

Always remember to "Love your shape! Embrace the size you are NOW!"


I truly hope this month's fashion blog gave you some Fashion Inspiration!! I just want to see you BLOOM!!!

PLEASE share and Feel free to leave you truthful comments below!!

Styled By Me:

White Ribbed Bodysuit Tank:

Chiffon Pastel Maxi Skirt:

Make Up: @MakeUpIsPaint - Instagram

Oh!! I almost forgot to mention that you can never go wrong with classic a white tank. Its just another way to allow soft pastels to become BOLD.


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