April 10, 2018

On Sunday, April 8, 2018 I was BLESSED w/ the opportunity of a lifetime! I was asked by radio personality "Kendra G" of the WGCI morning show "The Take Over" to join her Black Girl Magic Panel at the Black Women’s Expo in Chicago. When she told me that Remy Ma would be the guest celebrity, I cried! 

When Kendra G made the request, in that moment,  I was being stopped by the police. I was going down the wrong street, but it was obvious I was on the right path with this phone call. I was so happy to get a traffic ticket that even...

December 13, 2017

Good Tidings to you!!!

Happy Holidays!!! Merry Christmas!!! Happy Hanukkah!!! Happy Kwanzaa!!! Feliz Navidad!!!! Yassssss All Of That!!!

MAKE sure you Feast your Eyes on my Latest Styling Video! 

ME: Well ladies, it’s that time of year again!!! 

YOU: What Time is that?

ME: Holiday Season!!! You Know when have to attend the holiday party in great #Fashions BUTTTTTT some of y’all show up looking like Christmas Past!!! 😂😂😂 

The goal is to Embrace your body and walk in confidence!

With all of the holiday parties and...

November 27, 2017


Thanksgiving is OVERRRRR and I want to know how those are HIPS doing? Chileeeee!!!! Did they spread like a forest fire or like Miracle Whip on bread? 

Baby when I tell you my HIPS have a mind of their own!!! I need you to believe me!! OKKKK!!

I know I am not the only one who's tried on a pair of jeans or dress and it didn't go pass the hips. YES!!! My body is telling me size 10, but my hips are telling me size 12 or 14! OHHHH and my hips don't lie!!! There's no way these jeans were going to make it to...

October 11, 2017

 Since 2014 I've been attending networking events and I truly enjoy them. Meeting, connecting, and supporting others is a great way to build your brand and business. I always thought to myself "This event would be dope if it had  a group of panelist!" Once I launched my website and fashion styling company "Melah Styles".  I knew it was time execute the events I journaled about. Having my own networking mixer and panel discussion on entrepreneurship was one of them. On Sunday, September 17,  2017 "M...

October 3, 2017

Click on my NEW Fashion Styling video to see how she went from NAH to YASSSS!!!

You'll get to see ME (Melah Styles) in action at the Pink Velvet Boutique (1606 E. 86 Place Chicago IL.)  

My client, CeCe Marie Brown of Coffee, Tea, or Tequila recently got a makeover the "Melah Way"!


To see the Before, the Transformation, and the Reveal

As a fashion stylist my primary job is to make sure my clients aren't just satisfied with their looks, but they also understand them. It's BIGGER than selecting items to cr...

August 11, 2017

HEYYYY Mommy's!!!! Have your kid(s) went back to school yet? What do you wear when you run errands? As a mother of two, I know what it's like to lose your identity and style because you're so focused on the kids. Getting the kids off to school, making sure their homework is done, cooking breakfast, doing laundry, packing lunches, and getting yourself ready for the day can be more than a notion especially when you are doing it everyday.  If you have children you are a working mom! Stay at home mom, 9-5 mom, entrepreneur mom? Eit...

July 7, 2017


As you can see my Roses are Red, My Denim is Blue, Fun & Sexy is what I'm giving you!!!! OK!!! Let's get into this blog!!!

Before you can STANDout, you have to BREAKout! I'm talking a full ESCAPE from that same Ole' style, prints and patterns. There's nothing wrong with updating those "Go to items. Its time to create some NEW favorites. You're the trendsetter of your Life, so what's trending? Are you ready to BREAKout so you can STANDout?  If so YELL


June 6, 2017

Heyyyyy Hunties!!! I'm giving you "BLOOM in JUNE!!!" The rain has come and gone. The flowers have BLOOMED, but have you? Unless your job requires you to wear Jet Black it's time to hide all those the dark knit sweaters, midnight black boots, and holiday Red dresses. 

OH YES! Let's DETOX that closet and bring the brightness in! 

How Melah? By adding PASTELS to your wardrobe! Colors such as papaya coral, sea shell peach, beach beige, and ocean blue....

May 23, 2017

Hi Queens,

 It's Me! Melah Styles – the Fashionist.

You won't believe how sprung I am because of  Spring, so much so that I decided to write my very first blog in its honor.

Just like Beverly Hills has Rodeo Drive, Chicago has Michigan Avenue and there is no place like it! That's why I’ve decided to name this blog the “Magnificent Mile Fresh.” Whenever I leisurely stroll on the magnificent mile, I tend to get overly excited about all things fashion!  I'm all about the mannequins in the windows hunny’. No matter the budget there’s...

May 20, 2017

These jackets scream Spring no matter time of day! These fashionable pieces are #MelahMustHaves for the month of May! Here in Chicago the weather can change unexpectedly, so a fierce little jacket is a must have in the Windy City.

Denim did not come to play with ya’ll this year. We have denim everything! From denim purses, to shoes, bras, YOU NAME IT…it could be denim. However, this Denim jacket in particular is to die for. Just look at the detail… *clutches pearls*  Yasssss honey!

This beautiful tie-dye effect and these ble...

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