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…creating style that speaks for itself

Melah Mitchell, a Chicago native has been inspired by all facets of fashion from a young age. During the 80's, the fashion world became a beacon of hope for Melah. Trips downtown and window shopping on Michigan Avenue sparked a desire that has now become more than hobby but a way of life. 


Passion and determination has given Melah the opportunity to style for various designers during New York Fashion Week. The excitement, the adrenaline, the networking experience all gave this fashionist the stamp of approval needed to propel her for this new endeavor. This same passion and determination is what sets Melah apart from the rest. 


Styling celebrities isn't Melah's only desire. She hopes to bring a sense of confidence, style, and boldness to everyone from the gentleman going out for a night on the town to the everyday working woman. Her number one priority while styling clients is to allow men and women to embrace their shape and size all while shopping within their means.


If you're looking for and in need of a passionate, energetic, knowledgeable, fun, motivativing and bold stylist with impeccable work ethic then look no further! 


Book "Melah Styles"whether it's for an event, occasion, make overs, or just because. Allow her to transform the old into something new.

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